SLJ Coaching and Training Associates

Performance, Career & Personal Development , Small Business Coach and Mentor

My Mission
To enable, empower and support people and their business to reach their full potential and ultimate goals.
To help YOU to attain personal and business success.

YOU are the key to unlock your own potential and success.

What can a Coach & Mentor do for your business and your personal development ?

A Coach & Mentor will help you focus on strategies to create your business and personal development success . Sharon Jardine and SLJ Coaching and Training Associates will help you grow, thrive and take the next step to become a truly successful small business or within your own growth and personal development. Coaching will help you...

  • Gain clarity in your vision - what do you really want to achieve?
  • Craft a cohesive action plan to achieve your business goals
  • Prioritise your actionable tasks, so you know what to do and when, so you reach your goals
  • Provide accountability and maintain motivation to keep moving forward
  • Ultimately - to prevent overwhelm, improve time management and really work ON your business and / or personal development , freeing up your time to enjoy its successes

Taking the next step

Of course there is lots of help and advice available for new business start-ups and courses and alot of it can be free. But the question is this? What happens 12-18 months down the line?

You're on your own, often overwhelmed and unsure how to maintain let alone grow the business you have started. It's a sad fact that many businesses will have failed within their first 5 years.

A Coach & Mentor (like me ) will help to fill in the gaps, to grow and create the business you dream about - support and mentor you in your performance and personal development growth.

You can start right now...

Step 1. Review your business plans and goals

Step 2. Commit to working ON your business

Step 3. Call Sharon Jardine for your initial consultation

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