Sharon Jardine – SLJ Coaching and Training Associates

600225_470143923051863_839206920_nSharon Jardine – SLJ Coaching and Training Associates

Who I am

I was born and raised in Northern Ireland – decided when in University and had my future husband to be – Mike – that we were moving after we got married.

Moved to England September 1990 and whilst love going home to visit family and friends, never ended up going back.


I have had a long and very successful career with Liverpool City Council for 20 years but also with John Moores Liverpool University, and many other areas of my work for same time – I have worked closely both at a grass roots level within the community as well as later through Senior Management at  Area and then City Wide strategic levels within a major British City Council organisation – and now I am putting all those skills, talents, experiences and expertise into a new sphere of my own business development and supporting others develop themselves and their businesses, careers as well.

Over the years I have gained invaluable expertise and knowledge and qualified in many areas – Management, budgets & finances, project development, counsellor, trainer, teacher, psycho therapist to name but a view.  In 2011 after working 20 + years for a major public sector organisation Liverpool City Council,  I took redundancy and began the next chapter of my life with setting up my new business.  What happened next was recognition of what other skills I needed to be able to validate the work that I am doing and direction I am following – so I retrained as a Business / Performance Coach and use those skills and techniques in Life / Personal Development Coaching as well, I also trained in the area of NLP as a practitioner and use those skills also in my tool kit of resources and skills.

In March 2013  SLJ Coaching & Training Associates was created and the rest really is history – whilst the business is newly created – the person ME has been working in this area of work and development for the past 30 years and I know I can make a difference in my work with you, in whichever area of development you are interested.



What makes me different and unique in this field of work – is ME – my understanding and knowledge in the area of how real businesses especially those seeking to be or have a Social Enterprise approach in their set up and delivery of their business for the future.  I understand working in a community grass root level and I can take strategic high management proposals and business ideas and work with you to turn them into actual practical real areas of productivity and projects – turning ideas into actual tangible outcomes – thats what I know I can do and you can have when you work with me.

What makes me different is my understanding of mentoring and support – this is as valuable as just being a Coach – I am an ecclectic Coach – I use skills from all my armoury of past experiences, knowledge, expertise and qualifications/training re Teacher, Lecturer, Manager, Counsellor, Youth Worker and Community Development worker.  But also I am a researcher, a doer, an activist, a business woman and entrepreneur and thats what I also bring to my Coaching with whoever I work with.

I work within Private Businesses, Social Enterprises, Charity and Voluntary/3rd Sector – so the bredth of work is exciting and expanding – from the personal to the business.

I am a passionate, hard working, focused, determined, intuitive, professional individual but personable as well.  I love to Coach and design and deliver training.  I am passionate about my work, my life and my family – I love life and live it, seeking to take opportunities where they arise and that is what I advocate my clients and those I work with to do also.

I work with people to make changes in their Business, Performance, Career, Personal Development and Life – substantial changes and improvements – and I do it in an honest, straight forward way – that brings about real changes and long lasting changes – working towards your steps to success.

With me working with you,  you will become successful – I support you in navigating your way through your goals, objectives and coach you as well as support you in the practicalities to your chosen end result – with me you get results – with me you will make those changes – with me you will find your solutions to problems and you will get and achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams.


 I do not do failure or excuses.  I may be challenging but I do it pleasantly, business like, professionally, supportatively and with intention for long term change rather than short term short lived changes.

If you want change that is based on long term life changing change and success – then contact me for an appointment and consultation.

Thank you for saying hello and look forward hearing from you.



I currently live in Halton, with my husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

Love always