Increase of Women looking to Run Businesses from Home

442841-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Woman-Working-On-Her-Computer-As-Her-Kids-PlayIncrease of Women looking to Run Businesses from home

Despite the economy that we are currently experiencing at the moment there is an Increase of Women looking to Run Businesses from Home – this is on the increase and many running many more than just one business as well.

As a Business Coach & Mentor as well as a Personal Dev Coach etc I hear so many women talking more and more about considering opening or running their own businesses, working for themselves or becoming self employed.

There has been a huge increase in the numbers of women running their businesses from home – looking towards a better work life balance and also with the rise in the cost of child care finding its a great incentive as well.

But also there are more women running a business from home in the evenings and at weekends – I for one have ran a 2nd and even a 3rd `job` as such for years when I worked full time in the Public Sector and today as a Business owner and Sole Trader I run a 2nd business – a Craft Business and a Micro Business but one that is doing well and thriving.

Its not always because of the drive to earn or have more income – although lets be honest this is often the main driving force of necessity for many – but its about bringing about a positive change to the family home of a work life balance and a greater connection for the family – we probably end up working harder and longer hours but in a way that suits us more.

I can compare how I work now to when my children were small and in full time employment – due to the nature of my work and the distance for travelling I felt I was on a treadmill, juggling all the balls in the air and beating myself up if I was not doing all the right things at all the right times.
Over the past few years I have found that being about to work with and around my family makes it all feel so much more worth while – I am fortunate and lucky to be able to do that and I know that – but it is a reason many many more women are looking to work from home and run their own businesses from home.


Day 1 – Are you ready to change Challenge?

Day 1 – Are you ready to change Challenge?

Day 1 of the challenge is to find out if you are ready to commit to the challenge of change.  Are you ready to have a week of challenges to give you a little insight in to coaching and also about how to go about moving towards the life you really want.

Coaching moves people forward, fast and easily – so lets start on the journey of change and of you reaching your full and true potential.

Ok – becoming ready for change is about committing to the process of looking at where you are now and what or where you want to be in the future.  This is only a short 7 day challenge but together during this change challenge  we will look at your life together and I will ask you to be tough on yourself as I want you to commit to action, not talk or excuses but action – become a can do approach rather than `I can`t do that , or I am not able to do that, not yet, not now, maybe later.` Not good enough – if you follow this (its only 7 days and I am asking a small committment here really in the scheme of life of things) make it work for you – what have you got to lose?

Are you ready to change challenge 

1.  Looking at focusing on the here, now and the future – making small steps making small changes – progression forward – always forward

2.  Looking at whats working and what is not and being honest in this with your self.

If its yes to all above.

Then lets make a contract to work with one another for 1 wekk – 7days – let commit to being ready or becoming ready to change.

My committment to you

I will commit to working with you – asking questions and giving direction and challenge.  That I believe in your full potential to do all you can and I believe in you 100% with no judgements and I will bring 100% of myself to you in this 7 day journey.

Your committment to – being ready to change challenge

What I need from you are 4 things;

*Motivation:  vital – you have to want change, you have to be prepared to work at change – if you are willing to do something then your motivation should be high and you are ready to do what changes are needed.

*Self – Belief:  Here is how you believe in yourself deep inside – are you worthy or deserving of good things ie what good things your changes bring to you you accept and enjoy them. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself and your work to keep you from changing and back in your old ways of thinking and believing in yourself – do not under estimate the power of your inner voice for good and not so good in our lives.  Your self-belief might not be brilliant at the moment but we will work on that.

*Self-discipline:    vital – because when the going gets tough it is your self discipline that keeps you moving forward.  Change brings sometimes discomfort and it is on those days when tired, feeling low or feeling not progressing or disillusioned that you need this to kick in to keep you going – this your friend indeed and one many need to keep working on.

and finally

*Willingness to challenge:  being ready to challenge yourself, all you know about yourself and the world you have known around you all your life. To create new ways of thinking and being and open yourself to new possibilities for yourself, both in your personal and business life.


So – are you ready for  change challenge

This is only 7 days but you will be surprised how far you can travel in 7 days – start laying your foundation stones or blocks for changing to your ideal life or ideal business life – are you ready to take up the challenge!

Begin a Journal with

Day 1 – Ready to change Challenge – and begin by looking at these few questions. Write your answers in your journal – do it intuitively ie do not think about it too long – just write them and do not be afraid of what you write to either of the questions – trust yourself – never be afraid to have dreams or aspirations – but be honest with yourself – only you will see.

Who do you think you are?

Who do you NEED to think you are to have the life you want?

To start we need to know where we are and then to also know where we are wanting to go – and its the same with ourselves.

Good luck and have fun with this all over the next 7 days – thank you for taking part and I look forward hearing back from you on how your challenge is going.


Learning the need to look at Balance in your life

What is Balance?

Over the past months and definitely over the past few weeks – I have been drawn back time and time again to look at the whole area of Balance in our lives and in my life in particular.

What is this? What is its meaning? Is there one ? and I am reminded repeatedly that I am looking to at my own life and what I am doing and how is the balance in there – and realised I am just a bit out of kilter at the moment and need to strive to get back (if ever had it in the first place a sense of balance) – work and home life balance, personal relationship balance, family life balance, friendship balance and so on and so forth.

This, I know, resonates with many others out there and is not just limited to myself.  I have never not worked, never been out of work for any length of time over my working life so far,  and struggle to just do nothing.  I am now starting to wonder – what is that all about? why do I need to fill my time up so much? do I need to have so much going on? or can I just allow it to stop or slow down for a while?

Even in this short blog so far look at how many questions have come up – tonnes – so maybe this is me now giving myself the space and time to be able to either answer some of those questions or to be fair, just to consider them as well.

I have groped (yes groped as it has felt like I have been groping for long time) around for defined answers, rather than just woolly fluffy responses that define nothing, but just often end up leading to more questions or nothing.  I feel like I am awakening to a new understanding,  that some questions just do not have defined hard edged answers – some of the questions have woolly, fluffy responses  and I may never know the whats or the whys – and you wonder why my head gets wrecked.

But lets get back to balance – what is it all about – its about fundamentally recognising when there is an imbalance and wanting to see how or what you need to do to get the balance back. Where it is in your life is an irrelevancy as it will be personal and pertinent to you and you alone .  Once you have identified it this is  the first step to putting it right. For me it was and is about working out what being self employed is all about – whose wants or needs am I looking to sort out – mine, Mikes, Kids, friends – and then looking at what needs to be done to get that balance right again.  Whether I achieve it fully or not, who knows but its always a work in progress – but better a work in progress than never to have decided to do anything.

I have also decided in my quest to look at other area where more balance in my life is needed – to stop beating myself up over it all – the journey (the process)  is the area for learning and development as I may well never get it `right` – who knows what that would look like – perfection personified and I am not sure that will ever be me ha ha ha ha ha – here is the typical Aries looking perfection – but if I always do that will always then fail as there is no such thing as perfection – or is there?.  See now you understand how I end up with head wrecked.

So the big part of the learning for me to be able to achieve balance is stop feeling guilty – or try to not feel so guilty – give the time you have freely and willingly and with pleasure – once that stops then you need to ask why – balance balance balance balance – such a simple word with so many hidden meanings and pit falls as its thrown at us all the time.

As a working mum – how do you do it? fit so much in and still have time for the kids, clean the house and look after your husband – well here is my response I am going to be using from now on – ok thank you – bit hectic at times, can become alittle manic ha haha but thats having 2 teenagers in the house, 2 large dogs, 1 husband and a busy mum as a business owner – how are you?  Lets see what response get after that – I actually LIKE being busy and the business (busy ness) is what I thrive on – but I need to also listen to my kids and hubby too a bit more and be gentler and kinder to myself more as well.

So do I have a balance in my life – mmmm getting there a bit more each day as I get further and further away from the `old job` had for 20 + years and stepping closer and closer to `new direction` and new business of being self employed and working from home.  Will I ever get the Balance – not sure you know, but I am starting to realise that I might be ok with that and can strive for it and be ok striving for it , recognise need it, work on it, stop using it to beat myself up with it (what that is about goodness only knows) and take greater pleasure out of it when I do get some of it.

So there you go bet you did not think that a simple word such as balance could be so powerful for both positive and negative – stop beating yourself up over getting it or not getting it – being on the journey of finding it is just as important and just as enjoyable – brilliant if you have it in all areas of your life as its a desire we can use to drive us.  Being who we are in what we are doing and who we are to others that is what is important – having the personality traits that I do and some are good and some could work on – but that is what makes me ME – unique, flawed but still perfect to those I love around me – that is important.

So seek out your own balance and enjoy, have fun, and become a better person in the discovery of your own balance in life, and please please do not let others try to tell you what that should look like or be like – this is yours and yours alone to sort out – it does not have to be a complicated or complex route – sometimes the direct route is fine – some of us, like me just often like to go on the scenic tour rather than the direct route ha ha ha ha ha – have fun with it and do not feel guilty if not got it just yet but striving for it – doubt many have it – just keep knowing you need to work on it and why you want it – who is important and why .