New Year New Start New Self


New Year  – New Start  New YOU

Well its 3pm Sunday 5th January and I am here online on FB page for next 58 mins to look at our first Coaching session – this morning been playing about with the imovie on the imac and fingers crossed by time end of month comes I might even have learnt how to save and post the contents onto here as well. Now that will be fun and next step for me.

I scheduled in a posting as well to the page of one of my blogs during 2013 – The Power of Believing in Yourself is Key to Success.

I would really like you to read it and share with me your thoughts on it all – I am very open to feedback – being constructive is a must but being open to that feedback is also important and I also recognise that too.

So for me the first session is basically about being honest, truthful and real with yourself and also with that is then acknowledging what you need to do to make changes for yourself.

Starting with you is key to this all – it does not matter how many goals or plans you set out to achieve – if you do not believe that you are the KEY to making your own success – you will ultimately not succeed in achieving those goals or becoming successful or what ever.

Investment in you, Believing in you , having Faith in yourself , Believing you can do it – thats the key to starting out strongly, staying strong and finding strength in yourself – thats the key to any form of success no matter what your goals are personally or in business.

I asked you to write down all the positives and keep only the positives of what went right or you liked or where successful with in 2013 – but you can repeat this for your whole life right back to childhood – you need to see where your strength can come from – but also recognise where you need to work on as we all have the inner voice putting in doubts, telling us we are `not good enough`, ` who do you think you are`, ` what you think you have the skills to be wealthy`, you do not deserve that` and so forth.

Its at those times when we need to really BELIEVE in ourselves that will get us through – and we all need to see evidence of where we have done this before and how we can do it again. then tap into that and use it to our advantage to keep moving onwards towards our goals no matter what they are.

Thats when the truth and honesty with yourself needs to be there – I now realise that I have battled with the inner voice of – not deserving, not good enough, not clever enough, basically never enough – from child hood – but my lifescripts while coming from my parents also came from theirs and so was passed down through generations of Puritan (hesitant to say christianity or religious influences as not looking to point fingers at the church or any religion but its often the `interpretation` of that which is the issue for many – and a thinking of their generations) approaches in their times – now I can either decide to `allow` those lifescripts to dictate to me for rest of my adulthood – OR acknowledge them, where they came from, how they shaped my grandparents and parents upbringing but not allow them to shape mine any further.

I having worked on myself for a while now – still battle the inner voice at times – quite a battle believe me lol – but I am good enough, I do deserve to be wealthy, healthy, happy and successful, I am as entitled to anyone else around me.
While not bullied at school – I felt I never fitted in – never was good enough, smart enough, atttractive enough, slim enough or worthy of people – and so my confidence in my own ability and capability was always low – I slouched alot, gawky teenager but despite a loud and happy mask was at times felt like a very unhappy person – I knew I wanted more but was unsure of how to go about it.
But I am made of stern stuff despite all of this – bloody mindedness is possibly as couple of words to describe me – my father recalls now I always was independent – hence why when opportunity came to leave home I did just that – no harsh words no major issues – just felt time right, as I felt outgrown the area I lived in and in fact Northern Ireland as a whole to be honest – did not move too far to North West Britain but far enough for me – and here I raise my family today.

Hope that makes sense – but over the past 2 years I have really gotten to know more about myself, what makes me tick if you like – the good, the bad and the ugly – some ghosts laid to rest, some ugly aspects made changes and kicked into touch and looking to develop the good further.

New Year New Start New Self

I know now in 2014 that I have more of the skills, knowledge and expertise to not just work more on my coaching but develop my clients and business further – develop my training further and become more and more successful – I believe in myself more now that ever before.
I know I can do it and I know I will do.

So the goals I am setting for myself will also reflect that – in adult hood for various reasons I have struggled with weight – slim and skinny child and teenager – now 3 1/2 stone over healthy weight for woman my height and age – and with underlying health problems.

So I believe that I will look to change my way of thinking about food and lifestyle for this year – and I have set out today with my daughter what I am going to do, when, who with and how. Goals set for each month –

But in general SMART

S – simple – the simpler the better
M – measureable – start, middle and end
A – achieveable – not setting self up to fail but able to challenge yourself at the same time
R – reasonable and realistic – as above
T – Timed or timetabled – put dates of when want things for ie end of week, end of month, 2 months etc do not leave them open – too easy to let go.

Thats it – thats me – sorry long posts – will set up next one for a blog and share on page and we can do it again – will be next Sunday at 6pm and not 3pm as Meghan is performing in a Dance Show with Ballet class.

All the posts this week will be related to this – next week
Motivation – what motivates you and why
Keep your journal – I will set a task next week – re Wheel of life and you can download and use for yourself.

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