To be an Entrepreneur or Not?

woman hikingTo be an Entrepreneur or Not?

A Woman`s Journey.  This is my journey – this woman`s journey of self discovery and business decisions.

At this present moment in time I am in a position of great change – physically, emotionally, mentally and in business – professionally.  I have decided that over the next 6 – 12 months I am going to write about this journey that I am apparently on – my road, my journey as a woman 48 years of age and the turmoil, changes and decisions that I am going to make and why.


Why would you be interested?  No idea at all other than I know from the bottom of my heart, gut, intuition, emotional intelligence that I am NOT the only one going through any of these issues, decisions, turmoil and changes.


You are more than welcome to join me on this journey as I am beginning today with something below that I read today of a friends page on becoming an entrepreneur and it being a daydream for millions of people.

Mine was a pipe dream of getting out and running my own business, being my own boss, answering to no one but me and making money that would make me feel good and be able to do all the things I have ever dreamed of doing.

You know already my journey in a sense began when had heart attack at 44 in October 2010, took Voluntary Severance from Public Sector job I had been doing for 20 years March 2011 and then had my heart operation April 2011 – this was the major changing point in my life – previously I had risked my health and life having kids – so then 12 years later to put it all at risk – for the stress that was coming from my job – well that was the biggest wake up call I could have had – BUT that is not the ending.

For me this was the beginning of turmoil, difficult decisions and lots of changes – some small and some so big that it has taken me a few years to come to terms with.

move on

So today I am going to leave you with this information and article – scroll down and read away at it – my next blog I am going to respond to this and explain some of the turmoil , decisions and changes that I have had to make since 2011 to the present day and where I am to some degree presently at the moment.


I look forward to hearing any feedback you might want to offer – happy to discuss as I know this is not just happening for me but for many of us at the moment and its not always as black and white as people think – its not always as easy (I am sure none of us thought it ever was going to be easy lol) but we are hoping that it will give us the answers our outcome that we so desire.


Anyway this is the first of many of my blogs and ramblings and you are more than welcome to join me on those – my first change that I will be completing very shortly on my website and front page is a change to the pictures to more reflect who I am and what I am more about.  So here we go – SLJ is finally finding its feet 🙂


Article to read and consider for our next discussion.  This was an article in the BBC Business news page 12 February 2014 and the link is below.

Is being an entrepreneur a nightmare?

Becoming an entrepreneur is a daydream for millions of people.

After all, starting your own company is an opportunity to become your own boss, chart your own destiny, and maybe make a fortune.

But is the reality always rosy, even if your business flourishes?

Here 10 successful entrepreneurs talk about the downsides of their jobs. It doesn’t sound easy.

Bye for now but let me know your thoughts.


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