Day 1 – Are you ready to change Challenge?

Day 1 – Are you ready to change Challenge?

Day 1 of the challenge is to find out if you are ready to commit to the challenge of change.  Are you ready to have a week of challenges to give you a little insight in to coaching and also about how to go about moving towards the life you really want.

Coaching moves people forward, fast and easily – so lets start on the journey of change and of you reaching your full and true potential.

Ok – becoming ready for change is about committing to the process of looking at where you are now and what or where you want to be in the future.  This is only a short 7 day challenge but together during this change challenge  we will look at your life together and I will ask you to be tough on yourself as I want you to commit to action, not talk or excuses but action – become a can do approach rather than `I can`t do that , or I am not able to do that, not yet, not now, maybe later.` Not good enough – if you follow this (its only 7 days and I am asking a small committment here really in the scheme of life of things) make it work for you – what have you got to lose?

Are you ready to change challenge 

1.  Looking at focusing on the here, now and the future – making small steps making small changes – progression forward – always forward

2.  Looking at whats working and what is not and being honest in this with your self.

If its yes to all above.

Then lets make a contract to work with one another for 1 wekk – 7days – let commit to being ready or becoming ready to change.

My committment to you

I will commit to working with you – asking questions and giving direction and challenge.  That I believe in your full potential to do all you can and I believe in you 100% with no judgements and I will bring 100% of myself to you in this 7 day journey.

Your committment to – being ready to change challenge

What I need from you are 4 things;

*Motivation:  vital – you have to want change, you have to be prepared to work at change – if you are willing to do something then your motivation should be high and you are ready to do what changes are needed.

*Self – Belief:  Here is how you believe in yourself deep inside – are you worthy or deserving of good things ie what good things your changes bring to you you accept and enjoy them. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself and your work to keep you from changing and back in your old ways of thinking and believing in yourself – do not under estimate the power of your inner voice for good and not so good in our lives.  Your self-belief might not be brilliant at the moment but we will work on that.

*Self-discipline:    vital – because when the going gets tough it is your self discipline that keeps you moving forward.  Change brings sometimes discomfort and it is on those days when tired, feeling low or feeling not progressing or disillusioned that you need this to kick in to keep you going – this your friend indeed and one many need to keep working on.

and finally

*Willingness to challenge:  being ready to challenge yourself, all you know about yourself and the world you have known around you all your life. To create new ways of thinking and being and open yourself to new possibilities for yourself, both in your personal and business life.


So – are you ready for  change challenge

This is only 7 days but you will be surprised how far you can travel in 7 days – start laying your foundation stones or blocks for changing to your ideal life or ideal business life – are you ready to take up the challenge!

Begin a Journal with

Day 1 – Ready to change Challenge – and begin by looking at these few questions. Write your answers in your journal – do it intuitively ie do not think about it too long – just write them and do not be afraid of what you write to either of the questions – trust yourself – never be afraid to have dreams or aspirations – but be honest with yourself – only you will see.

Who do you think you are?

Who do you NEED to think you are to have the life you want?

To start we need to know where we are and then to also know where we are wanting to go – and its the same with ourselves.

Good luck and have fun with this all over the next 7 days – thank you for taking part and I look forward hearing back from you on how your challenge is going.


Life is a Celebration

Life is a Celebration

One of the major important things that we often forget to do in our lives is celebrate.

In the quest for positivity and changing my life I have begun to make small changes by celebrating life – celebrating successes small or large – often daily. Not with big parties and big showy stuff but just by acknowledging them and saying in many cases `well done` to myself, my family, my friends and to those clients and business partners I work with. Wow what a difference it makes.

Life is a celebration – and it should be – coaching for me has made me learn how to and what to celebrate and enjoy from life – both on a personal and a professional business point of view.

Life is a celebration – and it should be – we often carry around with us Life Scripts from our past and it often these that are in many cases very negative for us – placing the seeds of doubt, telling us we are `not good enough` to deserve to be successful (in whatever format that might be its not always about financial success).

Life is a celebration – and it should be – after all what is there not to celebrate – in many cases many other people would love to have what many of us have – its about re framing our thinking, re looking at things and wondering and pondering and then finding solutions rather than finding problems.

So lets together Live Life and enjoy life and celebrate life, in all its glory – and hey without the bad things or times we can not really always then appreciate the good – no one ever said Life was a bed of roses but you can always make it better – getting into the right frame of mind is what is important. And this goes for being in business as well – having the right business mindset, thinking sometimes outside of the `box` is important and maybe even vital – so celebrate life with me and remember

Celebrate all successes no matter how small or large and Celebrate Life.

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30 Day Positivity Challenge

30 Day Positivity Challenge – The story so far

Early July I set you the task of looking at – or should I say re looking at attitude and approach to life ie positivity and all its connotations.

Well how are you getting on?

Staying positive is the key….  using positive language….. re thinking things and celebrating successes no matter how small they appear to be – its a mind set approach and strategy – thats the challenge – this is the 30 Day Positivity Challenge – celebrating success small or large and getting used to doing just that.

Moving from I don’t think I can do this


I can do this I just need to `relook` at how I do it

This is the biggest change you need to engage in – I found it works for me.

My biggest challenge in the 30 Day Positivity Challenge – blogging and doing proactive work on my business re new clients and Development Plan development workshops and so forth.  Now I am more active in blogging (slow but getting there) and the development plan – well once I stopped beating myself up it happens to be coming along nicely – I moved from being too busy to do anything to getting organised and setting it out simply but starting it which was half the battle.

Its not easy – I know, often the negative thoughts come in – I call it my little devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear – `you can’t do this, who told you you were smart enough, what makes you think anyone would listen to you ` and the list goes on.

BUT – he is getting quieter as I get stronger in my positivity and belief in myself that I can do things, I will make it and I am getting successful both in my personal life and my business/work life.

Why not – positivity is making life so much more enjoyable – seeing things from a slightly different angle or approach is fun, challenging but enjoyable – I even have the kids at it and the husband.

Well if you want to have only positive people around you need to make sure those closest and dearest are doing it too – and its there I physically see the positivity radiating – hubby going for things in work that never considered before or even appeared interested before in.

The kids are the same, less squabbling, less put downs to one another, (still have normal teenagers and angst and stuff but not as before) and the household is, dare I say it `happier`.

Positivity and the offshoots of it have brought more benefits that I realised – I have had to work hard at it but really it seems to be paying off.

I practice it every day and now getting more and more used to stopping myself – from glass half empty to half full approach – and its this mind set that is the change.

After all you don’t see the top entrepreneurs or business people stop and doubt their own ability to make money or be successful – they are confident they will do just that and it is this confidence that allows them to do it. If something does not work – they reason it out why and then move on with a new approach.

Positivity and the power of being positive is very `catching` and you often find that other people around you begin to feel confident along with you, they embrace your positivity – hence why you should not then be around negative people as they only sadly suck your energy and positivity dry.

Like attracts like, positivity attracts positivity – that has been the 30 day positivity challenge.

How have you got on over the past 30 days ? let me know as this is all part of the life changes that many of us have to engage in – you are like a magnet you attract things to you or even a boomerang – what you throw out there you inevitably get coming back to you – worth remembering.

So thats the 30 Day Positivity Challenge – what changes have occurred – keep a journal of it all,

staying positive - celebrate your sucesses

Stay positive – celebrate your suceses every day, no matter how small!

and where are you now on your journey.

Keep smiling keep being positive.

Keep Celebrating your successes everyday, whether they are big or small.




The Power of Believing in Yourself is Key to Success

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Getting Started in the World of Coaching

Well, after today and being referenced in a colleagues blog, I felt I needed to get back to this blog thing that I have had set up on my website here at

Confirmation That Coaching Is For Me

Today has made me realise that I might actually be working in the right direction for my skills,  knowledge and experience – not that I actually doubted that to be fair internally – i.e. the left side of me screaming at me regularly, “Yes, Yes, Yes! – coaching is for you. Not counselling, advice and guidance. Not all that other stuff – but coaching (bring in those other skills you have) but its coaching for you lady.”

But I also have a right side of me going… “Mmmmm, are you sure now?” (Can you even hear the slower voice and pondering, thumb and fore finger rubbing chin and asking with nodding head – are you sure this is for you – are you sure anyone would want YOU to coach them?)

And sometimes, this little act of internal discussion can stop any of us from proceeding down the road of what we would truly like to do – and although mine has not stopped me – this internal dialogue has certainly slowed me down in taking part in the big `putting myself out there scenario`s and debates.

I am not even going to begin in this blog to look at what my own lifescripts were or where my self limiting beliefs came from, or any of that – thats another discussion and a blog discussing how they can prevent and block so many of us for reaching our true or possible potentials. So, it’s not for today.

My Coaching Journey

Today for me is about why or how or what brought me into this area of work and into the direction of Coaching.  Prior to 18 months ago or even 12 months ago – say anything to me about `coaching` and I might have sort of flickered in my head sports coaching, management coaching.  Maybe I thought a little about it being mentoring and the like.  But business coaching, performance coaching, personal development and life coaching or any of the areas in this world and I might have asked, “Mmmmm, not sure explain that to me a bit more.”

Yet, little had I realised I have been operating in this arena for over a decade and did not even realise it.

My journey… I could pretend started back when working in the Corporate World or in the Public Sector that have been enslaved to for 20+ years.  I played about on the fringes of it all – got qualified in all sorts of areas and used those skills to broaden my experiences and widen my understanding of working with people – as it’s that journey that has been the greatest one.  It does not matter what company, what business, what part of the world, what part of the country, or what community – it is all about working with people – and that I have done all my life and always been sort of ok at…

That’s not to say I have everyone liking or loving me, but 99.9% I believe could work with me.  So that was what my life work and journey has been so far – people – I am in the business of people and people are my business.  Sounds simple. I know, I thought so too…

“So, is that it?” I hear you ask – no it’s the “so what?” question.  So what you work with people? And…

Well the AND was around 12 months ago.  Starting to believe again in myself, in my skills, in my potential to be successful, to be positive in mind, body and spirit, in letting go of past, in being an instrument for myself to be successful – to be able to do anything I want, to be the person I have always wanted (and knew) I could be.  That journey began by reading a book that I have read before, talked about with friends and colleagues I’ve worked with for many years (as I said before, I  walked on the edges of this path for so long)

The book that got me thinking

The book that started my coaching journey

Rhonda Byrne The Secret

Now I know many of you will go, “And..? It’s been around for a while now and its been talked about and raved about and yeah, yeah, yeah so what?”

Well let me just say – this was no ephiphany moment – no loud choirs singing and rumbles of thunder and a new awakening.  This was a gentle meander into literally just opening my eyes to really start to `see` and `hear` the world around me. REALLY SEE IT AND REALLY HEAR IT.

For once I was looking at a future where I could see my own business growing, see myself growing and doing things that I wanted to do in a job and a destiny I wanted to create and develop.

How did this come about?

I created it.

After having a heart attack at 44 years of age – seeing my kids and husband panic stricken and scared as it came straight out of the blue, no warning, no indication anything wrong – nothing.   I decided to attempt to stop and evaluate what was going on.

I failed at that miserably believe me – but I decided to take voluntary redundancy from a corporate public sector job been doing for 20 years in the March as I was having my heart operation in the April 2011.  Not that I gave my husband much of a choice – I was undefeatable, I was in charge.  Of course he would agree it was the best thing to do.

I had the operation and did not look for work until the September as it gave me summer off with kids so all was good… Well, not really as nothing had changed – other than I was just not working.

So September came and I began process of looking for work and came into contact with Job Seekers Plus and the fabulous world of signing on.  Apparently I was entitled to 6 months – what a nightmare.

I walked into the lions den and got eaten alive…

Not because I was naive or anything but because I had become so removed I did not think anyone would not, or could not see why they would not want to employ me.   I had a CV full of qualifications and experience and skills – and remember would pay me the sort of money I’d previously been on.

Quickly I realised this might not be the best path – maybe I might want to look at my own world of business and running a company for myself – I dallied off this path a little and got a total kicking. Metaphorically speaking of course.

So, by March 2012 my self confidence and self esteem was at an all time low and an all time zero existence.  My marriage was suffering, my health again was suffering due to being so `angry` all the time and unhappy – just full stop unhappy.

Then came me walking out of a `job` after less than 24 hours.  I’d never done anything like it – EVER.  That night, the relief was tangible but it started me thinking – why, what, how, where, when – and I sat in my sun lounge and picked up a book had been lying there for a while (see playing on the edge) and began reading this little funny little book called The Secret – and I could not put it down.

I was intrigued – I even went out and bought myself The Secret Daily Teachings. maybe this would help.  After all, positivity, positive affirmations and attitude are a method of working.  I’d being doing for years with young people and communities I’ve been working with for 20 years – so of course, it would be useful on me.

I then read more, researched more – Tony Robbins, Bev James… I went on a few coaching seminars, free weekends and workshops.

Now in the mean time, I had set up an internet online business in the crafting community – my own little business on Facebook and this was going really well – so knew I could do it.  I took those skills (not like I did not have any!) and used them to set up SLJ Training.

But something was just not quite right.

Then I went to the right seminar and came into contact with Helen Reuben from Purple Tree in Birkenhead and began my journey to become a qualified performance coach…

…and that was and is how I got started in the world of coaching.

Not by accident, but by finally beginning to listen to what, and who around me were saying and have been saying for a bit!  I still go back to that first little funny book and have read the rest The Power and The Magic – but I still believe that often it is the humble beginnings that are important.  This made me really start to look at who I could be, why I wanted it and always had wanted it.  But now I could use the right tools to go about getting it.

And that’s what I wanted to do in my business – I am my own instrument in unlocking my own potential in my own success – and my work in coaching is about working with people.  For them to be their own keys or key in unlocking their potential in their own success – no matter what that is.

That’s my business – I just had not been able to really see or hear that over the past few years – so now finally seeing and listening.

I finally got to realise that this is my goal and dream.  I love working with people, I love to see people transform – getting it, realising that they are able to `do it for themselves`, being resilient, not having to rely on others, solving it for themselves…

See? People are my business.

So thats my starting point.  Not the previous 20+ years.  It has just lead me up to gathering all the tools, resources and understanding of myself that I need to be able to get on and make me and my business successful and all that I am involved in successful.  I have 2 fabulous kids that I want to be able to go on in life and do and be the best that they can be – and see me as their role model for that.

I have goals for my business, in its development and where ultimately I would like to see it and me in the near and distant future.  But it’s started and progressing – and that is all that is important.  The rest is all just history.