The Power of Believing in Yourself is Key to Success

The Power of Believing in Yourself is Key to Success

When I first seen this it made me stop and wonder – how much do I actually really believe in myself – if I was to compare where I am now compared to when I started out on this journey of starting up my own business.

My Starting Point in my Journey to self belief and self worth

This journey is about me and the Power of believing in yourself – and how believing in yourself is the key to your own success.

So lets begin – I will condense it I promise.

2010 – at age 44 I had a heart attack – October that year out of the blue driving home from work – ended up in hospital for only a matter of days but this was the scariest time of my life as it had a huge impact on my husband and 2 children. In December that year work discussed people taking redundancies and after a discussion with my husband I decided that I wanted out of a job that I had been doing for 20 years and began negotiations to take the voluntary redundancy. I was at a senior management level but was being told that the stress and upset that was happening was having an impact now seriously on my health – I was diagnosed with Arrhythmia and along with having Lupus told that the `panic attacks` I have been having for approximately 3 years where actually Arrhythmia attacks and this one was a big one and life threatening.

2011 – finished up work March and in April had my heart ablation at Liverpool Broadgreen hospital and it was good – but if I had thought that all things would naturally get better on their own I was mistaken – this was only the beginning of my journey.  My world was to literally fall apart in front of my eyes and I felt I could do nothing about it. It was to prove a difficult year, one I felt I tried to explore all types of avenues – went for job interview with Tesco as always said it would be better than what currently doing – that did not pan out (too long a story to go into but believe me when say my ego and self worth by this stage was sitting on the floor), signed on – another ego and pride dropping set of events and eventually signed myself off as could not cope with stress it caused me – but still went for another `job` running a bakery – again did not pan out (another too long story that was just like being beaten with a rather large stick – self esteem crawling along floor at this stage).  Plus my relationships with husband and kids not going great – believe me I really thought was losing it.

2012 – by March of that year I felt defeated – I had toyed with idea of own Training business and has by that time set up my Craft Business – Pitter Patter Tiny Feet – on facebook and looking at craft fairs and playing in the arena of business – I had attended a Kick Start Course at Halton and also applied for some funding from Enterprise Team – so my unconscious side was dragging me along in the direction I ultimately did want to go – just a pity the conscious did not realise it as much. But after the final blow with the Bakery situation – I sat down and made a decision to begin to do what I wanted to do and not what I thought was best for the family or even my husband – start my own business – so on 10th April 2012 – SLJ Training was launched and I set up as self employed and took the leap off faith that I needed to get going – and it was a scary position as I did not want to be in a position of debt and I did not want to borrow money to set up the business – I wanted to be as self resourceful as I could and I did.

2012 – 2013 – well across the year it has had quite a number of ups and downs, being distracted right up until end of 2012 with other things – some nice and some not so nice or good for me re self worth and self belief – I changed the name of the company to SLJ Coaching and Training Associates as it says more about the new direction and focus of the company than it did previously. I am working with colleagues who are not just like minded but who want to work with me on training, business development and design/delivery of quality products that you the consumer would want. I am always about constantly learning new stuff and CPD is vital in this world of developing Business – so I re trained and qualified as a Coach – Performance and Business coaching, life and personal development coaching, NLP Practitioner / Coach, and I am in the process of signing up to other qualifications and courses to improve my skills I already have and learn new ones to work better with the clients I work with now and in the future.  I have worked hard on me over this year improving the Power of my own belief in myself – my relationship with my husband and kids has 100% improved – we always loved one another but tolerance and understanding was being tested – but I now have a better awareness of me – a more mindfulness of myself and I now realize that I had so many skills, experience, knowledge and expertise from my past that was not wasted and can be used in my new direction and business venture.  I have read and updated myself on business, funding, 3rd sector development, business and development plans, academically and practically.  This was like a `New Dawn` for myself and it was great, there are still some glitches but they will get ironed out in time.

2013 – 2014 –  well as I work into my 2nd year of business I realise that my belief in myself and the power of believing in yourself is the first key to success – how can you be successful in any sphere if you do not believe that you should be, can be or want to be.  Its like being around negative people they only drag you down – thats not to say that I run around with a big head believing I am right and have all the right answers.  What it does mean – is that for me I know I am good at what I do, I am honest, trustworthy, will not tell you just what you want to hear and `blag` you – I have integrity, professionalism and I have no problem if do not know the answer can find it and learn from it.  I have my business set up properly, insurance, indemnity and all the legal checks required to be in operation and I am a qualified person in the field that I operate in – but I belief that my expertise, knowledge, understanding and so forth is worth something – I am worth something and due to that I am successful and will become even more successful – is this being big headed or arrogant – NO its being honest, hard working and being real.  How ever said its an easy road is not being truthful with anyone – it has more twists and turns than you would believe. But believe I did and kept going and kept going and refocusing and believing that I was worth it, my family were worth it and it would happen.

The Power of Believing in yourself is what is the key to success

Over the past 6 – 8 months my `success` has begun to change – I have now won a large contract with a Large National Charity – North West Regional Office, previously local based Charity contract and on their preferred provider list for training, I have a range of current clients – small business owners (at this moment) and a range of potential clients for the very near future.

I am and will be running workshops, training and seminars across Greater Merseyside and Halton in the near future but this will widen to Cheshire, Lancashire and the North West.  These will be on a wide range of topics which I will announce on my FB business page – – there might even be an ebooklet coming out in the near future – but that may well be towards end of this year depending on time and content for it.  I offer also online support and telephone coaching -which is a new direction for me but seems to be of interest to people – plus tons more to come.

I have gone into business with a colleague of mine – Aromatique Essential Oils and Perfume – as their Business Logistics director – working with Alison we are also looking to expand the business but also look into the area of training and development in this field and again over the next 6 months this will be happening locally around Wirral but then widening out to wherever it needs to go as well as online training also.

As an aside Pitter Patter Tiny Feet is also taking off – I now have regular orders per month and will be closing my order book due to capacity by October until Feb next year – plus I attend where possible at least 2 craft markets per quarter and they are doing fabulous as well – can not make a full time living out of it but hey its something I love to do in my spare time and making me money as well.

When you believe in yourself – you have the first key to success

Answer resoundingly YES – I had self worth, self belief, self esteem and self actualization in my previous life as a senior manager at high level previous profession and when lost that I lost all rest – felt I was not worthy of success or happiness or anything.


as soon as I put away that selfishness of self pity and self doubt and looked around me realized what I needed to do next to get it back – believe in myself again – and slowly but surely from scare of heart attack, fright of redundancy and fear of future – I have – my family never lost that believe in myself – it was just me that had. I realise the Power of Believing in Yourself is Key to Success.


I realize that I am a confident, competent woman – have tonnes to offer, and that my past skills, experience, expertise and knowledge coupled with all that I have learnt (new skills, new techniques, new learning) since then – not only am I am a better person but that I have a worth that is valuable to other people and that who I am is as important as what I know.

I hope this gives you little insight to me and my journey in setting up my own business and my journey to success – and the future.Believe in Self Key to Sucess








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