Staying Positive – Really does it work!

Staying Positive – Does it really Work?

I have decided to set myself the small but important challenge of getting this blogging off the ground and running.

So here it is – these are my tips at staying positive and how it can actually work for you – from a real person, dealing with real issues in a very real and normal life.

6 Simple Tips for Staying Positive

1.  Set your self a challenge that you want to start to make changes in your life – that is the first and the most important step – becoming positive or more positive about life needs you to WANT to make changes and go with those changes.

2.  Keep it simple and start small – begin by LOOKING for what is going right in your life rather than what is going wrong.

Start making those lists and taking some time out of your life to really look around you on what you have, who you know, what you are good at, what you are learning or have learnt and then be thankful for those things that are right in your life – this could become a bit of a mantra for you on a daily basis to do before bed and when get up in the morning.

staying positive - celebrate your sucesses

3.  Celebrate success – no matter how small or how insignificant it might seem at the time.

4.  Use positive language all the time – try not to get back into the habit of using negative language as this blocks you from seeing the positives or what is right and where those right things are.

5. Keep a journal, diary or how ever you want to record things – this is wonderful to look back on and reflect on how far you have come and it usually is in a quicker time than your realise.

6. Surround yourself with positive people and like minded people – not about shunning friendships but you will find that as you become more and more positive and looking for the good and right things that the negative people move on – some still try to bring you down but in time even they get fed up and move on – do not let negative people suck you dry of your energy or positivity.

Now I know this might seem all a bit twee but honestly start looking at things slightly differently from a more optimistic point of view or attitude and you will be surprised how many times more possibilities and opportunities arise for you.

Go on why not try it for the next 30 days with me and I will blog at least once a week on how it is going for me – no messing with it being wonderful if not but being honest with one another.

I dare you to take up the challenge.

30 day positivity challenge


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